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Kathryn Janicek and Pediatric Dental Seminars

A hands on experience unlike any other.  Using case based learning we make it both fun and easy for people to enrich their knowledge about Pediatric Dentistry

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Easy online access to lectures and live sessions. Fun & productive way to enrich your knowledge and find out more about Pediatric Dentistry.


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"Well done presentation. Speaker did a nice job of outlining the different restorative materials available going through their various advantages and disadvantages. Complimented material nicely with own cases."

- Anonymous -

"Great presentation with nice overview of different restorative materials and examples of clinical cases. "

- Anonymous -

 "Dr Johnson had SOOOO much to share.  It was great content and I love that he has great "real cases" and dental practice experience which he has learned from so he can pass on his wisdom."

 - Anonymous - 

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