Pediatric Dental Continuing Education for the General Dentist
Josh Wren, DMD, is a board certified pediatric dentist who is the proud owner of Wren & Bryant Pediatric Dentistry and founder of Pediatric Dental Seminars. Dr. Wren is the moderator of the pediatric forum on and is also a live and online speaker for Dentaltown. 


Our Goal

Our goal is to provide top notch, up to date pediatric dental education by showing real life pediatric dental cases with emphasis on AAPD guidelines based on scientific studies.

About Pediatric Dental Seminars

Pediatric Dental Seminars was founded by Josh Wren, DMD to educate dentists across the US and internationally on updated pediatric dental concepts. Pediatric Dental Seminars strives to provide the most comprehensive pediatric dental continuing education available. Modern techniques in pulp therapy, space maintenance, behavior management, stainless steel crowns, cosmetic crowns, and pediatric practice management are some of the topics that PDS covers. I focus my practice on predictability and efficiency and will share all of my "tricks of the trade" to educate other clinicians to provide the same for their pediatric patients.


           Dr. Wren's Bio

Pediatric Dentistry is an ever changing field with evolving materials and methods. As a pediatric dentist, my main goal is to PREVENT—dental caries, dental phobias, infection, pain, space loss, etc. My secondary goal is to perform treatment safely, effectively, quickly and predictably. I received my dental degree from the University of Mississippi Medical Center in 2005 and my certificate in Pediatric Dentistry from the University of Kentucky in 2007. But I like to say that I received my “real education” from the School of Hard Knocks. Fresh out of residency, I started Wren Pediatric Dentistry in 2007 and was in for quite a bumpy ride. There were plenty of ups and downs (a lot more downs than ups). I started reviewing cases that went well (and ones that didn’t go so well), did clinical chart audits, and started documenting cases in 2008. I researched and tried to figure out what went right and why, what went wrong and why. In the process of doing this, I’ve accumulated quite a bit of material and have put together numerous tutorials and presentations. If you or your dental organizations would be interested in learning bread and butter pediatric dentistry from an everyday pediatric dental clinician, please give me a call and schedule a time to talk about the opportunities.

Published Articles

Dentaltown - October 2013 - Fundamental Space Maintenance

Dentaltown - February 2015 - Pediatric Dentistry: Pulp therapy and the Stainless Steel Crown

Dental Products Report - April 2015 - Talking Cement Selections with a Pediatric Dentist

Dentaltown - November 2015 - Space Maintenance: The Right Appliance at the Right Time

Dentaltown - February 2016 - Pulpotomy Materials: An Update

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Live Webinars

Viva Learning - July 2016 - Pediatric Dentistry: An Update

Viva Learning- October 2016 - Digital Radiography in the Pediatric Dental Office

Past Speaking Engagements

March 2014 - Fort Dodge District Dental Society-Fort Dodge, Iowa

April 2014 - Dentaltown Townie Meeting - Las Vegas, Nevada

January 2016  - Dentaltown Learning Live - Fort Lauderdale, Florida

February 2016 - Dentaltown Learning Live - Scottsdale, Arizona

March 2016 - Mid-Atlantic Dental Meeting

March 2016 - Dentaltown Townie Meeting - Las Vegas, Nevada

September 2016 - Maryland MAGD

September 2016 - Dentaltown's Beer CE - Asheville, North Carolina

November 2016 - Georgia MAGD

November 2016 - Louisiana AGD - New Orleans, Louisiana 

April 2017 - Practice on Fire - Miami, Florida

April 2017 - Western Regional Dental Convention - Phoenix, Arizona

May 2017 - American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry - Washington, DC

October 2017 - Iowa AGD - Des Moines, IA

June 2018 - Pacific Northwest Dental Conference - Seattle, WA

October 2018 - Nebraska AGD Mastertrack - La Vista, NE

February 2019 - Sioux City Dental Society - Sioux City, IA

August 2019 - Top Docs - Louisville, KY