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Jarod W Johnson, DDS, FAAPD

Study Club Facilitator

Our Study Club Facilitator understands that not every journal article published will have a direct impact on clinical care.  While there are many publications that can raise awareness to areas of need in dentistry our goal is to focus on the maximum impact the current literature can have on your clinical care.  We also strive to keep our participants up to date on landmark studies that play a role in our daily clinical decisions.

Why Join a Pediatric Dental Study Club?

Literature review has always been an important part of the education of Pediatric Dental Residency Programs.  Often times after graduating residency the need to review current literature in our profession seems lost as many dentists lack the resources to stay up to date the way their residency programs kept them.

We have worked to develop a Pediatric Dental Study Club that focuses on research articles that will impact your career and bring scientific research that can have an immediate impact on the way you practice dentistry.  Each article is hand selected by our Study Club Facilitator and intended to improve your knowledge in the field of Pediatric Dentistry and keep you up to date on the tried and true.

Pediatric Dentistry Study Club Experience

Read Journal Articles

Attend Study Club Virtually

Walk Away with Knowledge and Relationships

Prior to attending our Journal Study Club you will have articles of interest identified by our Study Club Faciliator.  To gain the most benefit we recommend reading articles one to two weeks prior to the meeting.  It can be helpful to jot down notes for discussion.

Attend our meeting Virtually to discuss the most current literature in Pediatric Dentistry that can make an impact on your education and patient care immediately.  Joining in the discussion will help enhance your knowledge and educate your peers.

By joining your peers for an innovative discussion of the current literature you will create meaningful relationships and improve your patient care.

- 04/23/2023 | 7:00 PM CST -

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