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Perform a MTA pulpotomy

Recently Sultan Healthcare decided to stop manufacturing Buckley's formocresol. This has led dentists to look to other materials as a medicament for pulpotomies in primary teeth. Some materials considered are Sodium Hypochlorite, IRM, Ferric Sulfate, Calcium Hydroxide, as well as the use of lasers and electrosurgery. So how do you perform a MTA pulpotomy? Let's review the steps!

What is MTA?

MTA is similar to Portland cement. It contains calcium silicates that interact with phosphate ions in the bloodstream to form a dentin bridge of hydroxyapatite. Studies have demonstrated a high success rates for MTA pulpotomies in primary teeth.


You can use 3-6% sodium hypochlorite or 2% chlorohexidine to disinfect pulp tissue prior to placement of MTA.

Here’s how to perform an MTA pulpotomy:

  1. Obtain local anesthesia

  2. Rubber dam isolation

  3. Caries removal and access to the pulp chamber

  4. Pulp amputation

  5. Disinfection with sodium hypochlorite or chlorhexidine

  6. MTA/Bioceramic Placement

  7. If using a long setting MTA, core buildup

  8. Preparation for full coverage (zirconia crown or stainless steel crown)

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