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Key to Employee Engagement and Retention

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Employee engagement within the workplace is being mentioned almost every time there is content surrounding business growth. However, what exactly is it? What role does it play within strategic planning? When an employee is “engaged”, it means that they understand how they impact your business, and how their role influences overall success. When an employee understands their contribution to your practice and its greater purpose, they want to stick around and do their part to making that continued success a reality. Making efforts to maximize engagement at your business is a crucial component of your HR strategy because better engagement has been shown to correlate directly with better retention, higher productivity, and increased revenue and profits. Watch this webinar to learn how to sell your employees on your vision for the company, deliver results, and grow your business by hiring with purpose. Objectives - Develop goal setting strategies and understand the role it plays in increasing employee engagement - Describe how you can increase employee retention - Utilize tools already at your disposal that can help you sustain employee engagement For more resources from CEDR visit:

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