Pediatric Pearls Lecture Objectives:

  • Effective Behavior Guidance

  • Use of Nitrous Oxide

  • Effective Painless Anesthesia Techniques

  • Parenting Techniques

  • Prevention Guidelines

  • Resins and Bioactives

  • Modern Pulp Therapy Techniques

  • Interceptive Orthodontics

  • Alternative Treatment Modalities 

  • Space Maintenance 

  • Stainless Steel Crowns

  • Anterior Resin Crowns

  • Posterior Zirconia Crowns

Hands-on Workshop Objectives:

Stainless Steel Crowns:

  • -Understand when an SSC is needed vs. other restorative options

  • -Know the instruments and materials needed for the SSC

  • -Master the preparation, crimping and seating of the SSC

  • -Know how to troubleshoot common problematic SSC situations

Anterior Resin Crowns and Posterior Zirconia Crowns:

  • Understand when these specific crowns are indicated

  • Know the materials needed

  • Know the proper technique to master these procedures

Space Maintenance:

  • Know when to place what space maintainer

  • Know how to establish optimal band fitting

  • Understand the limitations of the pre-fabricated system

  • Be able to fabricate your own appliances

  • Master the soldering technique

*Objectives may vary depending on which course you register for*