• Josh Wren DMD is the most amazing pediatric dentist on earth. You must watch his courses if you want to treat children better, faster and easier. Thank you Josh for all that you have done for pediatric dentistry and dentaltown. Howard Farran DDS


  • Excellent course for anyone that treats pediatric patients or wants to start treating more pediatric patients. I will implement several things immediately from the euphemisms Josh uses to his techniques for anesthetic, pulpal therapy, and SSC. Treating children has always been something I've personally thought is very important for a successful general dentist's office to do, and do well. But, I've had a few bad experiences here and there and I've dreaded each and every appointment I have had with pediatric patients for the last couple years. After watching Josh's course I feel much better prepared starting Monday to see and treat the next child that walks into my office! MKolkman


  • Dr Wren does a great job of explaining techniques that can make pedo life easier for the GP dentist. I greatly appreciated him displaying examples of cases that were done properly and improperly. It is clear that Dr Wren's patients are in good hands. KWdentist


  • I found the course to be practical, and I would recommend it to anyone that sees kids in their practice. Additionally, the instructor was very helpful in answering questions I had after taking the course. BPulfer




Chicago, IL - May 8, 2015

  • Dr. Wren knows his stuff! Good lecture with a lot of little pearls for me to take home and use on Monday. NSeyer


  • What a great program. Dr. Wren is knowledgeable and truly cares about teaching his participants! CPallotto


  • I enjoyed the course and instructor. Numerous topics will be helpful. Anonymous



Arlington, TX - June 5, 2015

  • The most excellent hands-on pedo course I have taken in a long time. Dr. Wren was knowledgeable and explained the topics very clearly. Anonymous


  • I'm excited to try out your dental pearls! Anonymous


  • I attended the pediatric dental seminar CE course this Friday. It was such an amazing class, tons of information. Really, once I got out of the class I felt like I finished pediatric residency. Haha. I learned so much. Dr. Josh is such a     great pediatric dentist. He spent a lot of time showing us how to fabricate space maintainers, crown preps,  the         various pulp therapy, some orthodontics, how to increase efficiency and be  proficient, be predictable each and every single time, how to reduce overhead... This is the only pediatric course that you would ever need IMHO. SGeorge

New York, NY - April 15, 2016

  • Thank you for offering this course. I almost gave up looking for Pedo CE! Anonymous

  • Very nice. I will recommend this to all of my friends. This course could easily be 2 days with hands-on. Anonymous

  • Great condensed pedo review course! Anonymous

Sandestin, FL - July 15, 2016

  • Thank you! Really enjoyed learning real-world pediatric dentistry from a wet-fingered dentist. Will recommend to others and will be attending another course by Dr. Wren.  Anonymous

  • Excellent course! Everyone should take this course. Definitely, pearls I can use everyday. Anonymous

  • Great course! I loved the hands-on component as well an an in depth discussion of materials. Anonymous

  • Fun instructor and course administrator. Hands on portion was very helpful. Excited to get Drop box materials!  Anonymous

Orlando, FL - December 2, 2016

  • Very knowledgeable guy. He loves his profession. I love his DentalTown CE course too.  Anonymous

  • Great course, very personable, very open to questions. I learned a lot. Thanks. Anonymous

  • Excellent course, loved the hands-on experience. Thank you!  Anonymous

Chicago, IL - May, 2017

  • One of the BEST courses I've ever attended. Dr. Wren and staff were awesome! He presented topics that were very beneficial and I look forward to implementing so many things I've learned into my practice. Thank you for making me feel more confident and knowledgeable about these topics. Will definitely recommend! Hope you will offer more courses in future!  Anonymous

  • Excellent Instructor! Engaging and funny. Material supported by research and experience. Really enjoyed it, completely met my expectations.   Anonymous

  • This course was great! Very fun and east to listen to! All of the things talked about we will start to use in our office, especially SSC's.   Anonymous

  • Great course! I feel confident to treat my pedo patients!   Anonymous

Chicago, IL - August, 2017

  • Loved the class. Very helpful and knowledgeable instructor.  Anonymous

  • Very knowledgeable in areas such as pulpotomy, patient education and parenting techniques.   Anonymous

Orlando, FL - April, 2018

  • This course helped so much! It has rounded out my knowledge and I feel confident going forward in my practice. Thank you so much.  Anonymous

  • Best Pediatric course I have ever attended. Highly recommended.   Anonymous

  • Great Course! Did not disappoint.  Anonymous

  • Very useful information with good hands on help.   Anonymous


Arlington, TX - May, 2018

  • Favorite CE experience so far! Awesome lecturer, helpful, interactive, friendly & informative. Thank you!  Anonymous

  • Great teacher, great clinical examples that were "real" and not staged/perfect. Thank you, I truly enjoyed it!   Anonymous

  • Great course! I will definitely be attending more.  Anonymous

  • Great course, especially for someone that has little pediatric experience. Highly recommend.   Anonymous

Boston, MA - August, 2018

  • This was a wonderful course. I came in intimidated by pedo and left feeling confident in implementing procedures come Monday.  Anonymous

  • This course is very fun and practical. I liked how this course was very comprehensive and covers many topics on pedo. I loved it!   Anonymous

  • Great course! I do feel very confident about doing SSC and I am not scared of the pulp! Love the fact I got the PPT presentation and the hands on component.  Anonymous

  • I liked that this is a practical course that I can immediately incorporate to my practice. It's wonderful to have specialists share their tips with GP's. Great course.   Anonymous

Chicago, IL - September, 2018

  • It was an amazing course. I learned so much. I am so happy that I had the opportunity to take this course.  Anonymous

  • Learned a lot from this course and the questions were answered completely. Thank you.   Anonymous

Dallas, TX - April, 2019

  • Excellent. The course went above my expectations, especially the hands on component.  Anonymous

  • Top notch course. Perfect flow and style. Well done.   Anonymous

  • Very informative with up to date techniques and restorative options.   Anonymous

Nashville, TN - September, 2019

  • Dr. Wren was very responsive to additional questions and concerns. Appreciate the power-point and materials list. Definite pearls I can apply immediately. Thanks!   Anonymous

  • Dr. Wren kept it interesting! Very knowledgeable and a great sense of humor.   Anonymous

Orlando, FL - October, 2019

  • Very informative. I have taken both courses now and I have gained confidence and knowledge. Thank you!   Anonymous

  • Wonderful. Full of into. Exactly what I needed at this time.  Anonymous